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I'm delighted that you have visited my blog page. It is the new website for, Strategic Ethical Solutions, International and it signals a new era for our company.

As you peruse the pages of the site, you will see many references to the philosophy that our company is founded upon. I believe it is essential for leaders to set a tone of ethical behavior as they take their organizations forward. Bad behavior doesn't always catch up immediately with people who take the wrong path, but it does, eventually, always come to light. And the price that the organization, their personnel, and the people they serve pay is very high.

I am excited to be offering services to match high performance with behavior that is above reproach for our clients. It is very rewarding to be part of the success in our clients' lives and to see the rewards that are realized as they grow and develop their skills. Come and see what SESI can offer you!

  • Traditionally, people think about career planning in conventional ways. Climbing the corporate ladder has some universal themes that nearly everyone recognizes. Developing a plan for where one wants to be in one, three, or five years is standard. What credentials and education are necessary to hit those goals? What benchmarks must be met?

  • I once heard it said that technology is the best, and worst thing that has ever happened to our society. I would have to share that I absolutely agree with this contradictory statement.

  • It can be argued that the workplace is in a constant state of transition. And that would not be an inaccurate statement. Not only does the workplace constantly evolve, but people grow and change. In an ideal world, there is ample room for growth within an organization so that talent can be nurtured and flourish without losing the best and brightest employees. It is very important to plan and implement programs to ensure success for employee growth. It is an investment that will yield great benefits for the organization.

  • You have attracted the candidate of your choice. Congratulations! Have you taken the next step? Are you actively working to retain your talent? If this critical step is overlooked, there will be a high price to pay. Top talent will always have choices and opportunities to go elsewhere.

  • We have all seen the disturbing news coverage of workplace emergencies. Some are natural disasters, involving weather and circumstances that cannot be foreseen. Some occur through negligence....

  • The head of Human Resources has an enormous role in the organization. They must oversee all of the functions associated with HR, such as recruitment, on-boarding, and payroll to include proper distribution of benefits. It can be tempting to cut corners in other areas, such as on-going training and education for employees. That is a bad idea, though. Here's why.

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