Strategic Ethical Solutions, Int., LLC.

"Leadership Grounded in Ethical Practice"




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To help current and emerging leaders isolate strengths and weaknesses within themselves and their organization in order to develop pathways to superior performance.


To produce leaders that can articulate and walk within a clearly defined ethical value system, and embed it within the fabric of the organizations that they serve.

Board Management

The relationship between the governing board and the CEO is critical to the success of any organization. There are crucial steps that must be mastered including orienting new board members, precise execution of board meetings, and annual review processes. We show you how to foster excellence in this arena.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides benefits to the employee who is going through the process, and the overall organization as changes are implemented. We deliver a measurable, positive impact for your business working with personnel at any level of the organization.

Organizational Audits

Identifying gaps and where duplication occurs is key to a highly functioning organization. We provide a deep dive into a specific area and provide feedback that includes recommendations for moving forward. The final product is delivered within the framework of best practices that are being utilized from across the nation and around the world.

Emergency Response Training and


Safety trumps everything in an organization. Being prepared, and having all the team members fully trained in their roles in the event of an emergency is an expertise that we possess and can provide to you.

Talent Recruitment and Retention

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent is a constant challenge. We offer services that take you through the process of how to determine what talent is needed for your organization. Building further, we show you how to effectively market to attract diverse pools of talent, and how to land the candidate you desire. Human Resource tools such as employee handbooks, evaluation processes, and career laddering to grow your talent are also areas where we provide training and support.

Success in a complex and competitive world