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Retaining Your Talent

You have attracted the candidate of your choice. Congratulations! Have you taken the next step? Are you actively working to retain your talent? If this critical step is overlooked, there will be a high price to pay. Top talent will always have choices and opportunities to go elsewhere.

In this global environment, the competition for talent is fierce. One of the biggest costs in both time and fiscal resources is attracting, and then retaining talent. There are steps to take to make certain your organization is doing all it can in order to be successful in this effort.

Offering a mentorship program is an excellent first step. Partnering new employees with seasoned, successful employees is valuable for both parties. It offers the mentor a chance to be engaged in a relationship that is meaningful and energizing. The new employee can learn the written, and unwritten rules of the organization from the mentor. It is a safe place to turn to with questions, concerns, and ideas. Ideally, this relationship will be long-term, even lifelong.

Career laddering is another smart program to implement within your organization. This program speaks to many challenges within your organization, including succession planning. It literally draws a step by step plan for an employee to use as their skills and expertise grow and take root. Career laddering is a process that everyone can conceptualize and use as the employee matures within the organization.

Providing opportunities for an employee to engage in professional growth through interaction with outside entities, such as professional organizations, is another wise choice. This investment will allow the employee to engage with professionals in their field throughout the country and even worldwide to learn and develop. Employees will return to their organization energized and ready to share new knowledge with their organization. Everybody benefits!

Is your organization paying attention to this important piece? SES can help you take a close look at what you have in place, and develop a plan to keep your talent engaged and growing both personally and professionally. Investing in your talent is something you cannot afford to overlook.