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Strategic Ethical Solutions, International is an organization that works hard for their clients.

Kimberly Luse is the Principal and Founder. With more than 25 years of experience in the medical field and higher education arena, she brings a unique skill set to the table. As a medical professional, she served in the clinical setting specializing in peripheral and cardiac angiography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. After service in the clinical setting, Dr. Luse began to teach her craft, originating the MRI section of the Advanced Medical Imaging Program at the University of Cincinnati. Turning to the administrative side of the organization, she held roles in both private and public colleges and universities as well as serving as an administrator in the community college setting at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

Dr. Luse has extensive experience in executive leadership serving as a top advisor to university presidents and chancellors. Additionally, she has served in corporate positions as a government relations lead, and secretary to governing boards in the organizations she represented.

Areas of expertise include executive coaching, organizational development, emergency response preparation, training and communication, human resources to include EEOC compliance, career laddering and recruitment and retention of top talent. Best practices in governance and the bridge building that must occur to operate at the highest level of effectiveness is also a crucial area that Dr. Luse offers.

An accomplished speaker, Dr. Luse has nearly two decades experience leading presentations in her areas of expertise. Organizations including, The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges and The American Society of Radiologic Technologists are among those who have recruited Dr. Luse as a presenter.

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Sylvester "Syl" Flores

Board President, FWOP

Syl Flores is the founder of, Future Without Poverty.  Syl is a force of nature, an advocate of education, a pursurer of solutions, and a staunch advocate of access and inclusion for all.  He is often heard quoting, "They made a circle to keep me out, I made the circle bigger to be included."

Isaac Ferguson, M.P.A.

Technical Advisor

Isaac has over fifteen years of experience and earned several degrees from Northern Kentucky University; two Bachelor of Science and a Master of Public Administration. He is an eclectic personality that encompasses a wide range of skillsets that aid Strategic Ethical Solutions in achieving its goals. Available for consult or application and implementation, he is sure to have substantive ideas on how to better grow your technological footprint in an evolving global environment.

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