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Dr. Nancy Barone

Vice President & COO,

University of Cincinnati Health

"Kimberly has designed the entire curriculum for medical imaging programs in both Public and Private Higher Education organizations. The curricula has encompassed associates through Doctoral level coursework to include online and bricks-and-mortar coursework."

Dr. James C. Votruba

President Emeritus,

Northern Kentucky University

"Kimberly understands the essential nature of a strong CEO/board partnership. Her ability to help organizations develop best practices between the CE0 and the Governing Board, fostering communication and transparency, is exceptional."

Max Allen

Chief of Staff,

Clemson University

"Kimberly Luse provided outstanding consulting services for Clemson University. Her detailed work on an executive audit was comprehensive and led to a deeper understanding of a number of areas across the university. Kimberly's extensive higher education experience enabled her to quickly use her expertise to form relationships with key personnel, leading to an excellent blueprint that provided solid recommendations and a clear path forward for Clemson."

Teri Yates


Accountable Radiology Advisors

"I have found Kimberly to be very effective working within the medical arena, with a particular strength in attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent. Her expertise in the area of Human Resources gives her a unique edge in the evaluation of HR procedures, design and implementation of professional training sessions, as well as career laddering options for employees."

Christopher Faust

President & CEO

Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

"The Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired has truly benefited from the Executive Coaching and team-building services that Kimberly Luse offers.  She provides a, "big picture" perspective that has allowed our organization to think deeply about our mission and the work we perform that has helped us move forward in ways that are meaningful to the clients we serve."

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