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In a challenging global economy it is critical that organizations think in highly strategic ways about the work they perform. We offer resources that include executive audits, and overall strategic planning to maximize effectiveness and get you to your goal.


Leadership must display ethical behavior in their management of financial and human resources. Embedding ethical practices that guide the organization is a non-negotiable trait of the most successful organizations. We can assist you in identifying and implementing policies and practices that guide you along this path.


Solutions oriented leadership is a hallmark that can be learned and adopted. Are you tired of putting out fires? Exhausted trying to implement a cultural shift that never seems to gain momentum? We have tools and training that will address how to move from crisis management to solutions based practices so your organization can focus on your mission.


We are unique. Our company gladly accepts the challenge to help those who are ready to learn new experiences, and accept that leadership must be matched to their value system to effectively lead. Interested? We can help.

Strategic Ethical Solutions is a comprehensive, solutions based company that can serve you and your organization in multiple ways. From one-on-one Executive Coaching, to Strategic Planning, we can work with you to improve personal, and personnel performance.

Building upon that foundation, we can help your organization operate more efficiently, and realize measurable results led by data-driven, strategic approaches to address the issues that need fresh pathways to success. We offer support via Executive Audits, Emergency Planning and Training, Management of Governing Boards, and assisting with Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Top Talent. We also offer an extensive network of professionals who we can connect you with in order to enrich your resource pool.

An Introduction to Strategic Ethical Solutions!

Listen to Dr. Kimberly Luse, Principal and Founder, explain why as an Individual, Board, and/or Organization it is ever important to create solutions founded in ethics and developed with strategic purpose.



Strategic Ethical Solutions is a full service consulting company providing successful solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes tailored to meet their special needs.  Our clients span the healthcare and higher education arenas, as well as non-profits and start-up ventures. 



In the ever growing world of social media, it is more important than ever to network, and connect people and organizations that strengthen your mission. Connectivity is key to success.  SESI can help you identify and utilize your network, as well as provide valuable, new pathways to professionals and organizations that can strengthen your pool.



Board Management, Executive Coaching, Organizational Audits, Emergency Response Training and Communications, Talent Recruitment and Retention, Unconscious Bias Training, and Human Resource Processes are among the many services we offer. 

SESI delivers solutions that drive results!



We open a new website to the public

We are delighted to launch our new, interactive website.  Come and explore all that SESI has to offer.  There are opportunities to contribute to engaging conversations on our blog site.  We hope to hear your ideas!  Come join the conversation.


Dr. Kimberly Luse leads an interactive workshop at The Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Symposium at Northern Kentucky University

There was a wonderful, regional gathering to explore the critical issue of diversity and inclusion.  It was hosted by Northern Kentucky University.  Dr. Damon A Williams was a featured speaker throughout the symposium.  Dr. Kimberly Luse led an interactive workshop that focused on creating a blueprint for effective diversity and inclusion on colleges campuses.


SESI Travels to Mauritania, Africa, to meet with the Minister of Health

Strategic Ethical Solutions, International, was invited by the Minister of Health for the country of Mauritania to visit their capitol to discuss opportunities for support of their healthcare initiatives.  This fruitful journey resulted in a contract to work together to launch a new, westernized hospital, and establish partnerships between the University of Nouakchott and sister universities here in the United States.

Strategies designed for the execution of the highest quality services for your organization

I was very deliberate in the naming of this company.  Helping organizations operate in strategic ways so as to produce maximum results in the most efficient manner is a cornerstone of our mission.  Doing this by operating in an ethical manner that is above reproach is our foundation.

Dr. Kimberly Luse, Principal and Founder

Strategic Ethical Solutions, International, LLC.