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Using your Talents to Benefit those Abroad

Traditionally, people think about career planning in conventional ways. Climbing the corporate ladder has some universal themes that nearly everyone recognizes. Developing a plan for where one wants to be in one, three, or five years is standard. What credentials and education are necessary to hit those goals? What benchmarks must be met?

Recently, I had a truly transformational experience that challenged how I typically view, "career planning". Consider, if you will, taking your talents and matching them against the backdrop of our world. Where might your career path take you if you followed it anyplace that you could globally? I found the answer to that question took me to Mauritania, a country on the western border of Africa.

I am not sure career planning is the most accurate term to explain how I ended up halfway around the world. Reflecting on it, I believe it is a result of simply paying attention to signs and way points that present themselves on any ordinary day. For me, it was a conversation that began during a cab ride at a conference. That conversation networked me to another conversation, and before long I was corresponding with the government offices in Mauritania that manage their healthcare system. A few short weeks later I found myself on a plane headed east. And just like that, a new career pathway has identified itself to me. Many of the things that I am passionate about can be found in Mauritania, and I am suddenly thinking on a scale bigger than any I have ever considered in my entire lifetime of career planning.

My challenge to you is simply this:

What are you the most passionate about and how can you discover everyplace, in the world, where you can put that passion into action? As technology grows, and transportation options continue to be refined and accelerated, there literally is nowhere you can name that would be a problem to access.

There is so much opportunity out there. Go get yours! One of things that I love the most that Strategic Ethical Solutions provides is coaching and guidance for clients to determine their passion and then carve out a pathway to get them to their goals. What can we do for you?