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SESI is a national leader in the development of problem solving strategies

We've all seen it happen.  Leadership announces a new direction and gets to work to put processes in place that should get the organization moving ahead.  Committees are formed.  Many meetings, and hours and hours of work occur, and a report is developed which promptly gets stored on a shelf.  No real progress is ever made and the team gets deflated and the organization stalls.

SESI has proven strategies to ensure that the outcomes for our clients do not result in a long report that is never implemented.  Addressing core issues, such as how personnel within the organization work and interact together, are a key focus.  Taking a global view of how work is approached and what the true goals are is another.  Putting together a plan that has the commitment of the entire organization is the goal that is set.  And then the fun begins!  What can we do for your group?